If you are a student, professional or, entrepreneur searching for the perfect digital marketing training program, you don’t have to search anymore.

Hi, I am Amit Chauhan, and I am a sales and marketing professional with 15 years of work experience. I am currently living in Greater Noida, UP. I have enrolled in batch 4 of the Digital Deepak Internship program starting from August to December 2020.

This review will give you in-depth insights about my personal journey and experience as an intern at the Digital Deepak Internship program.

I knew about the Digital Deepak Internship program right from when it was launched in December 2019, but I had very little information and apprehensions about the program. One day I got an opportunity to attend Digital Deepak’s webinar where I got detailed information about the internship program and, I decided to apply for batch 4 of the program. I am glad that I took that decision because it was life-changing and rewarding.

Why I chose the Digital Deepak Internship program?

During the first 4 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was inclined to upgrade my digital marketing skills, and I started watching online videos and took courses like Free 25 weeks Digital Marketing Courses by Digital Deepak, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin marketing workshop, etc.

I have realized that these courses are either too elementary or meant for someone who already has enough knowledge and digital marketing experience. Further, I was only learning but was not getting opportunity to put my learnings into practice.

In Digital Deepak Internship, you will learn crucial digital marketing topics and work on real projects weekly after completing each digital marketing lesson. This is why this is not any online course, and it is called an internship program.  

What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Digital Deepak Internship Program is a complete, systematic, and unique digital marketing training program to learn about digital marketing and its various tools and learn how marketing concepts are applied in digital marketing.

The best part of the internship program is that you will implement the concepts you learn every week as a part of your weekly assignment. Yes, you have read that right. This aspect makes this Internship program standout and unique from the rest of the online courses.

This is a unique digital marketing course which is only available in Digital Deepak Internship Program. This training program will give you a chance to work on live projects along with your online training.

The training program is 12 weeks long with 4 bonus weeks and includes weekly assignments that have to be submitted before the deadline.

All approved assignments are entitled to a cashback reward, which means on successful approval of assignments for all 12 weeks, you can recover a significant part of your fees which you have paid for the internship program.

Apart from your weekly lessons, the mentor A.K.A. Deepak Kanakaraju will come live and explain the assignment step by step.

There will be a Q&A for the assignment given by one of the Digital Deepak team members. In my case, it was Kamna Jain. The Q&A is for people who need additional handholding and for clearing doubts about the assignment.

The best part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program is that you will be interacting with 100’s of fellow interns who will also help you in clearing doubts and build your own mastermind network in the long run.

Who should join Digital Deepak Internship Training Program?

If you want to become a T-Shaped digital marketing expert by gaining practical knowledge, understanding and skills about all the critical areas of digital marketing then this is the program you should join.

If you are an entrepreneur who want to use digital marketing to grow your business then go for it.

If you are a student who wants to make a career in digital marketing then this course will put your career on right path.

If you are a marketing professional who wants to learn and implement digital marketing then you can start getting results in your current job like me.

If you are someone who wants to start digital marketing freelancing to help your clients. Digital Deepak Internship is a highly and strongly training program that I recommend you to pursue and join.

Apply here for the upcoming batch of Digital Deepak Internship today!

What you will get after the internship?

If you ask me this question I would simply say that sky is the limit.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion but most importantly you will earn invaluable amount of knowledge and confidence.

If you apply for a job then you will have an edge our other candidates because you will have hands on experience. The other candidates are most likely to have only degrees and certificates without practical knowledge.

You can start freelancing because you experience working on real projects and gain confidence to handle your clients requirements.

Similarly, this Digital Deepak Internship program’s are equally rewarding for professionals and entrepreneurs who can get results in the current job and business respectively.

About the Mentor

Deepak Kanakaraju is a seasoned and expert digital marketer with experience in all fields of digital marketing. He has worked with famous startups like Razorpay, Practo, Exotel, and Instamojo.

He is also an expert in digital marketing training, offering online training for nearly a decade now.

Deepak Kanakraju is also an avid blogger and his blog ranks in the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India. And he has created a strong personal brand using his blog and free digital marketing course named ‘Learn Digital Marketing for Free

He is also a published author of the book ‘Edge of Sanity’.

Contents and duration of Digital Deepak Internship Program?

The internship program is spread over 12 weeks covering the following concepts or weekly lessons. Please note that the course contents and duration mentioned here are specific to Batch 4 of the internship program.

The course content may be different for the new batches since they are further improved and refined over time.

Week 1 – Success Mindset

I bet no digital marketing course or training program would have ever or will be taught you this lesson unless you are in Digital Deepak Internship.

In this lesson, Deepak sir gave us a detailed review of the importance of having a positive and successful mindset for starting a successful career. The examples and resources presented in the lesson were beneficial and helped set the tempo at the beginning of the internship program.

The concepts are very explained with examples and case studies. Most importantly, it included guidance to take first steps to adapt these techniques. It is hard to explain the mind blowing value of this lesson in few words. The assignment included discovering your objective truth, writing about 2.0 version of yourself (this was the coolest and craziest part of the assignment), finding and writing about your personality type, emotional state and well-being, top 10 books you would be reading in next 1 year etc.

Week 2 – The Law of Marketing

No digital marketing course will tell you about the fundamental concepts of marketing. In this lesson will learn about basic marketing concepts, consumer psychology and behaviour, communication strategy and tips, using integrated digital marketing for a successful marketing campaign, creating brand and trust, advertising, copywriting, global economics, marketing funnels

The assignment gave me a chance to try content writing for a blog. We asked to write a 1000 words article on the lesson we have learned in week 2 in a structured manner using content writing tools.

Week 3 – Discovering Your Profitable Niche 2.0

In this lesson, I have learned how to combine my passion, talent, and market needs to identify profitable niches. It included multiple steps to discover your niche, like your likes, passion, reading choices, talent, and skills to identify your niche by matching the market’s needs and identifying your target customers.

Even if you have found your niche, this lesson will help you to organize and structure your thoughts and use the concepts to further strengthen your goals.

The assignment included all the above concepts of the lesson in a stepwise manner to help you discover a profitable niche. By the end of this assignment, I was able to identify my profitable niche.

Week 4 – Creating Your WordPress Blog

After three weeks of tuning and refining, the real action with technical stuff started in week 4 where were taught how to set up our own blog on WordPress (including plugin installations) to connect your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. By the end of week 4 assignment you would be in a new high and the sense of accomplishment is boundless because you see your dream turning into reality.

Week 5 – Becoming the King of Content

This is a purely content writing mastery lesson where you would be exposed to technical parts of content creation, including research. You will be creating your content calendar and learn how to start and structure content before writing.

After this week, I have learned some essential tips and secrets for creating content and writing style. It has also helped me in finding the topics for content writing. It was not only procrastination due to which I was not able to take the first steps in content writing and also the guidance and training which was lacking. The training gave me all the knowledge and advice required for content writing.

Week 6 – Social Media & Networking Mastery

As the name suggest, the week covers social media marketing right from creating your social media pages and most importantly you learn how to make presentation in live webinars. I have enjoyed this a lot because it has pushed me out my comfort zone and put me in front of the live audience. For the first time, I have learnt the value of creating a community of followers and how to share the knowledge with them in order to build attention and trust. I was able to create a small group of followers on WhatsApp to whom I have invited to sign up for a free live webinar and Q&A on social media marketing. Until this time I was the audience but with this assignment I became a speaker and presenter for a small group of audience

Week 7 – Lead Generation and Email Marketing

In my opinion nobody comes close to Deepak sir in lead generation and email marketing skills. I became a big fan of him after watching his 3 hour long video on lead generation for 3 times. He has the abilities to explain the art and science of lead generation very well. In this week I have had one chance to witness the Deepak sirs lead generation and email marketing knowledge but this time I have implemented the lessons learnt in the assignment and got some wonderful results. This included using some of the never seen and heard before lead generation tools and techniques as well as power of email marketing for lead generation.

Week 8 – Mastering Facebook Ads

I was not a big fan of Facebook marketing because I saw that Facebook is restricting the reach and targeting is more complex than before. But in this lesson I have learnt some cool techniques to exploit Facebook Ads using some deep technical stuff like Facebook pixels for creating events, custom audiences and lookalike audience.

I feel lucky to have a chance to try and complete Facebook ads successfully before Facebook started banning new ads account. All my ads were approved and running when I submitted my assignment but eventually my Facebook ads account was also banned.

We have found that unusual phenomena on Facebook was happening due to the US presidential elections and Facebook was banning new ads account as a part of its legal policy. However, the point here is that you will start loving Facebook ads after week 9 of your internship program.

Week 9 – Mastering Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the topic which I was always curious about because I did not learn anything before taking this lesson in the internship program.

Google Ads was a topic which was completely alien for me but as usual Deepak sir gave in depth information and training on how to use Google Ads starting from creating your account, creating custom audiences, using keyword and search terms, adding Google ads tracking code on your blog, and finally running real ad campaigns including search ads, display ads and video ads on Google network.

The Google Ads lesson gave me fair amount of understanding as a beginner and I have also realized that Google Ads is a complex tool to master. It will take lot of time and practice to explore and learn Google Ads.

Week 10 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I believe you will agree with me that SEO is known to be the hottest digital marketing topic and also the highly paid digital marketing skill.

The lesson covered basic techniques and tools for optimizing a blog website like installing SEO plugin and adding titles, Meta description, adding custom title to internal post, writing 1000 words blog post using keyword research and strategy for creating backlinks with exposure to free tools for tracking SEO quality of your website.

Week 11 – Deep Marketing Automation

You would be wondering what is ‘Deep Marketing’? And even if you know something by guessing then you would ask me how it is relevant or used in digital marketing.

Deep Marketing is a new term coined and mastered by Deepak Kanakaraju sir.

To give a brief about the concept, its about using the power of customized messaging to your audience using communication tools like email marketing along with other tools.

When I am writing this article, actually in the middle of the week 11 of my internship training and I have finished watching the video for one time.

As usual, I will watch the video again and improve my understanding about the concepts in the lesson and will share more information about the ‘Deep Marketing’.

Week 12: Sales

The week 12 of the internship program covers selling or sales and video lesson is going to be launched before end of November 2020.

I have got some hints about the week 12 lessons as Deepak sir has already mentioned about the power of sales and how to build the skills in the recent webinar.

He has also shared a video clip from the movie before the webinar. This is very unique to Deepak sir and he always keeps his audience curious and guessing by dropping hints.

I am also working on completing the week 11 assignment while writing this detailed review about Digital Deepak Internship Program and also eagerly waiting for launch of Week 12 video lesson.

Feedback and Suggestions

As they say, “nothing is perfect in this imperfect world” and digital deepak internship program is no exception. There is scope for improvement and it will surely happen gradually.

The only concern which I am facing while doing the internship program is the scheduling of video lessons and assignment. The deadlines and schedules are so flexible that sometimes it is hard to adjust ourselves to ever changing schedules.

The interaction and connection with the Deepak sir was very high in the initial few weeks of the program and now it is hard to catch him live now because of the frequently shifting deadlines.


This review on Digital Deepak Internship is written out of love and value which I have derived out it. I am saying this because I was able to get results in my current job with my learning as I was making progress in the program.

Before joining Digital Deepak Internship program I was under constant threat of going jobless due to pandemic.

I am still one more week away from completing my internship but I am already very confident about my future career prospects and do not bother about risk of losing my job anymore.

I have an army of 1000+ fellow interns with whom I interact daily through Telegram and WhatsApp group and generate new ideas in developing my knowledge and getting closer to my goals.

I am also a privileged member of Digital Marketing Club where I get exclusive access to high-value digital marketing discussions and training three times a week and plenty of more benefits as a member of the club.

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